SEO 101: Risks to Take and Avoid (Part 2)


Now that you know which SEO risks are worthwhile, it is finally time to know the risks to avoid. Today, we are going to discuss the risks to avoid and all the ways they could harm your business. Read on to learn them.

SEO Risks to Avoid

  • Using Doorway Pages

Creating gateway pages in bulk to target keywords and keyword groupings is simple. Doorway pages are avoided by ethical SEO practitioners since Google penalizes them.

Google advises you to avoid such pages. Google will only allow gateway pages with original, distinct, and relevant information. Only if it acts similarly to the rest of your website's content.

  • Not Being Mindful about Neutral Backlinks

High-quality backlinks are required for your website. What about neutral ones that don't help but don't hinder your website's rating and SEO? Neutral backlinks will not enhance SEO, but they will not penalize your website.

After discovering that websites do not have control over every website that connects to them, Google's Penguin update penalized faulty backlinks.

As a result, Google penalizes websites with phony backlinks less.

Examine Google Search Console for any manual actions Google has made against websites that have spammy or low-quality backlinks. Backlinks to your website are safe if Google has not punished them, but they may not be enough to increase search ranks. There are online tools for assessing backlinks.

Remove links with caution. Disavowing all neutral links may prevent websites from rising in the rankings.

  • Condensing Content or a Pages

Delete a page from your website may appear innocuous, especially if it belongs to a discontinued product or service. Keywords are removed from deleted pages. Page URLs also include page-specific keywords.

Maintain the webpage even if the product is no longer available to avoid a reduction in rankings. Put a note on the page directing users to a comparable page with related products or services.

Use 301 redirects on old URLs when consolidating or condensing pages to keep link juice and traffic.

  • Matching Keywords to Anchor Text

Your keyword could be used as your website's anchor text. Your website should rank high for the targeted keyword or phrase. Former SEOs used this logic.

Unfortunately, "black hat" SEO practitioners abused exact-match keyword anchor text to connect to low-authority websites.

Google has since severely penalized websites that use this tactic extensively. Avoid taking chances. By linking to your website naturally, you can build a more diverse portfolio of backlinks.

  • Overuse of "Minimal" SEO Changes

Google, as is well known, prefers new content. Google, on the other hand, may penalize your website if its content and look are regularly changed for SEO purposes.

Too many website improvements can also erode audience trust.


Perhaps it is all a balance of taking risks and reaping rewards. SEO is required for businesses. SEO contains several risks, some of which might be beneficial to a business. Further difficulties may threaten internet marketing and online presence.

SEO is risky, but not performing SEO is even riskier. There are dangers in social networking. Keep this list in mind and get ready to champion your next campaign.

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