Cloud Computing: What's Holding You Back?


Small and medium-sized businesses (SMBs) experiencing rapid growth have turned to the Cloud as a strategic solution to address key IT challenges. These challenges include high capital costs, a shortage of skilled professionals, the need for scalability as the business expands, and the imperative for innovation as the business matures.

The outcomes of this adoption have been overwhelmingly positive. Surveys reveal that businesses leveraging cloud technologies are 53% more likely to witness an increase in revenue. Additionally, 85% of these businesses credit the cloud for facilitating rapid scalability and growth.

Cloud computing has emerged as a catalyst for immediate access to tools essential for digital transformation and enhancing customer experiences. Despite these advantages, some businesses, particularly in Western Canada, remain hesitant to migrate. The primary concerns hindering migration include:

1. Security Exposure:
Security is the foremost objection to Cloud adoption for 49% of organizations (IDC 2017). However, major Cloud providers have made substantial security investments, resulting in cloud platforms that are often more secure than traditional environments.

2. Network Response:
Concerns about network connectivity in Western Canada are driven by fears of insufficient response time and security. Solutions, including those based in Saskatchewan, address the need for high bandwidth and secure connectivity to the Cloud.

3. Service Availability:
Perceived loss of control over the computing environment raises concerns about service availability. Cloud providers offer service level agreements with financial credits for unmet targets, and robust engineering ensures consistent high availability.

4. Cloud Costs:
A common misconception is that Cloud services are more expensive than non-Cloud alternatives. Accurate cost comparisons reveal nearly a 50% reduction in support and maintenance costs when choosing the Cloud. Cloud ROI calculations should also consider the increased revenue resulting from digital transformation.

Getting Started:
Embarking on the Cloud journey may seem overwhelming, making consultation with an experienced partner crucial. Cloud migration demands skills and expertise, and organizations benefit from consulting trusted partners to navigate this transition efficiently.

For those unsure about where to begin, initiating a conversation can provide valuable insights. Let's connect over coffee to discuss your specific needs and chart a path forward for your organization to harness the full potential offered by the Cloud.


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