All About Computer Networks


Computers have evolved into an essential component of businesses, necessitating services related to their installation, support, and maintenance. As organizations expand, the need for a systematic approach to connect these computers becomes crucial for seamless functionality. This leads to the concept of a computer network.

A computer network is a collection of interconnected computers designed to share resources, with the internet being the most common resource shared. Other shared resources include printers and file servers. The connection between computers in a network can be established either through Ethernet cables or wirelessly using radio waves.

Individual computers within a network are referred to as nodes. There are various network topologies, each with its unique characteristics:

Star Topology:
In this arrangement, a central node provides connections to individual computers. Despite potential issues with a specific cable, other computers can continue functioning without disruption. However, this setup requires extensive cabling.

Bus Topology:
All computers are linked by a single cable, and data intended for the last computer must traverse through all nodes. It minimizes cabling requirements, but any cable faults affect all computers.

Ring Topology:
Computers are connected through a single cable, and end nodes are linked to each other. The signal circulates through the network until it reaches the intended recipient. Issues like misconfigurations can result in signal attempts to locate the recipient.

Collapsed Ring Topology:
The central node is a network device like a hub, router, or switch, running in a ring with plugins for cables. Each computer independently connects to the device through individual cables.

Organizations select a specific network topology to ensure streamlined computer functionality. Once connected, offices often have dedicated cabling closets containing a switch device connecting to the network.

Various computer network companies, such as Ntelligent Networks based in Lakeland, Florida, offer installation, maintenance, and support services to ensure the smooth operation of computer systems for businesses.


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